Sensor-based Sorting Studies

Bulk and particle sorting assessment for operating mines and greenfield projects

Minpraxis Solutions has been involved in over eight sensor-based sorting studies. Using an integrated mine and mill approach, we consider bulk and particle sorting systems as individual systems or in combination. Key sorting services provided include:

  • Analysis of the sorting potential of a deposit based on exploration data and the mining method being considered
  • Evaluation of the change in economic footprint due to implementation of sensor-based sorting
  • Sensor analysis including a wide range of bulk and particle sensors to determine suitability and sensing effectiveness. Sensor types include PGNAA, XRF, XRT, VNIR/SWIR, optical (colour) and inductance
  • Block model modelling with scheduling software such as PCBC for cave mines, to determine CAPEX, OPEX and metal production for a sorting scenario
  • Analysis of sensor and geochemical data to determine algorithms for grade/waste identification
Sorting concept for a block cave mine